2013-nowLa Saint-Clair de Nantes [district band]
          _ I'm Musical Director: I choose and arrange the musics, I prepare the projects and I drive the orchestra (Nov. 2013 - Sept. 2013);
          _ I'm Artistic Director (I develop the graphic and the visual identities and the communication).
directeur artistique (développement de l'identité graphique et de l'identité visuelle)
          _ I'm writing and preparing the show to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the association (in Nov. 2016).

2012-now : Le Grand Machin Chose [streetband]
          _ I'm part of the Board and I manage the communication team (6 persons) for Les Fanfaronnades de Trentemoult, amateur brass festival: €47k in 2017 (24 bands, 350 musicians, 20k+ spectators), €36k in 2015 (18 bands, 420 musicians, 12,000 spectators), €33k in 2013 (11 bands, 350 musicians, 5,000 spectators) ;
          _ I'm in charge of sponsorships;
          _ I'm the webmaster for the association (maintenance, upgrades, modifications).

2006-2017: Amfifanfare [Nantes University Brass band] - Fundator
          _ I create the graphic identity (06-09);
          _ I develop the communication (posters, blog, MySpace, press);
          _ I take charge for musical direction (08-10);
          _ I organize the 5 years anniversary (1 international band and 1 DJ guests, 180 spectators, budget €5k)
          _ I'm part of the organization and communication for the events for the 10th anniversary (Oct. 2016).

2010-2012: Nantes Atlantic School of Design Alumni – fundator - Main Tresurer
          _ I participate to define the statutes ans internal rules;
          _ I'm involved in communication development;
          _ I set up the budget organization.

2010-2012 : Association Musicale Lucéenne [Music School and Practices of the city of Sainte-Luce sur Loire, Nantes area] - Vice-Secretary
          _ I write synthesis and reports;
          _ I conduct partenrship with the main public funder.

2007-2010 : Association Nantaise d'Aménagement et d'Urbanisme [Nantes Association of Urban Planners]
          _ I prepare new statutes;
          _ I define the functionalities and architecture of the website;
          _ I develop a blog and a website for the 2008 symposium.

2004-2006: Design à Vendre [designers promotion] - General Secretary
          _ I work with the Jiaohuàn project (exhibition in Beijing in 2005);
          _ I organize the 'Design : Values & Uses' exhibition for SCE society (2005);
          _ I choose and drive the work team around the website and I write the users chart.

1998-1999: Quartiers du monde [international exchanges]Regional Responsible
          _ I organize a soccer tournament and logistics on encounters for the 'World Cup of Solidarity' (sports and cultural events to share the '98 Soccer World Cup).


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