Real Estate Diva [graphic critic]

The lessons I was giving were for example how to make a clean and graphic communication. I'm very curious to know what my students have done since then...

I've received a paper ad in my mailbox, adressed "for the attention of the owners" and we all know this is the start for a beginner housing agent. Why beginner? Because the good ones have their network to be aware of anything.
I opened by curiosity:

Big layout inserts from Microsoft Word paper...
Why is there a gift check out from the local trading association checkbook? There is no official logo so I assume this is a scam, not a real estate agent, he's a robber who will take a look on your house under the guise of an free estimation!

And the illustration picture... A season pumkin pinata... in a smoking suit... Who wants to earn Millions? But I can not identify myself, I never wear a smoking suit.
Let's appreciate the effort for a cut-out picture (without a white background).

I forgot the text with its formal sentences (which would be perfect for a bad motivation submission) and I go directly to the worst: the signature!

"Real Estate Diva Advisor"... I don't want to assume your gender but you really look like a man...
The smoking suit is not a pro touch, you just look like a wannabe who launches himslef without experience. A business wolf, I can't trust you.
Is he able to integrate in his document his hand signature or has he personnaly hand-signed EVERY letter?

So I wonder if they have a schedule from the franchise? The missing logo, the inserts, the smoking suit... Maybe all of this is on purpose, maybe the franchise give them a frame they have to follow, not too precious to seem close to people? In this case, the smoking suit...


French National Radio Interviews

I'm listening like every day and all the day-long FranceInter the french national radio.
Let's forget about why and carry on my goal. For years now I've been asking myself what was the plurality of this network. Mostly in the breakfast broadcast (which is the more successfull in France. And even more this yeart so... I wanted to count it!

That's not a scientific method, I'm not a profesional and I just do it (and whaaaat it's hard to keep it when I'm connecting less than once a week on my computer).
First critic I'm not respecting the groups of the Parliement to count the politician families. For example the MoDem (center-right party) is supporting the governement so I count every person from this party like one from the President's party.
I don't count depending on what people say, only regarding the politician family they assume. So someone from Le Figaro daily newspaper give me a ? in the Diverses right parties but a cineast/videast/documentarist is in none column.

So no, it's not perfect, I would be interested to see an observatory counting more precisely than me (maybe the CSA which is the one counting for ethic time in medias during elections?).
So here is the entiere list since they started the actual season:

There are 3 interviews: the first one during the 5-7:00 broadcast, a special guest by one journalist, and the great interview by two of them. That's not more informative but I can see it better.
I surely can see better that the radio I listen every day is not counting better than me depending on the groups at the Parliement!


2008 Crisis

Everyone has a story about this period, right? Mine is the French Minister of Economy at the national news networks, 10 years and one week ago: "The main crisis is passed". The day after, the project I was working on for 3 months (and which was about making my work and life during 4 years, and some beautiful parts in my book) was cancelled: 2 out of the 7 "private partners" were out because of the direct financial crisis, the others... just didn't came to the board committee.

Fortunately this person never hold any major job since there (by the way she is Director of the IMF)!
Fortunately every bank official have paid for their crimes! And politics forbid these kind of actions! And we are no making any kind of subprimes credits anywhere in the world!

The 2011 Crisis never been a case, even if I think that was worst destructive. Maybe not to frighten peoples crowds so they will continue to believe the ones who made these crisis as they don't want us to solve it, they are the ones who make money on crisis they made.

The History remember that WWII started in September 1939, exactly 10 years after the "Black Friday" in Wall Street (October 1929).
Sudetians at the end of 1938, and fascist governments in Spain or Japan were yet the introduction to the war.
European Union is close to implosion, fascists are in a few governments yet, politics and economic leaders are totally irresponsable...

As a kid I've seen the Winter Olympics in Albertville (close to my city). Yugoslavia was starting its internal war at the time, less than 10 years after hosting the same Winter Olympics. I was afraid by this perspective as a kid, that's even worst now.


Music on the high ground

I say that I'm bored by the music bands I play with since I'm back in Savoy last January. This time I've found a crazy challenge: to play with a very good amateur symphonic orchestra in only 2 practices, playing an instrument I don't know!

5 valves, in F, one octave lower than a string bass, one and a half octave lower than the lowest note I've ever played, merely no one fingering like a 3 valve instrument, it's a whole new instrument: 7 years I'm playing different shape of "tubas" in concert bands and small orchestras, but these were only very big trumpets!
Despite my pretty good level playing tuba in concert bands and sousa funk I can't tell I'm a real tuba player, now that I've been confronted to this beast I do understand that this is a different world.
So I've learn a new instrument, like if I've always been playing didjeridoo, that's not nice when you have only 2 practices with a good orchestra... and you pass all the first one to understand that you don't know how to play this.

I've rarely been such in difficulties, I think I never re-painted my score like this even when I was conducing a band, I didn't understood all the fingering, I'm still not sure about some tessituras, but what the hell I've reached a very big challenge, my head has been boiling all the Thursday, that has been so captivating, what a new experience!

The concert was with the COGE playing for the Festi'Val d'Arly, we are not use to appreciate Parisians in Savoy but the deserve it!
A big thanks to all of them, and to Frank, the one who allowed me to make something with this big tuba.
Next step... A 7 valves tuba, or an ophicleide?



Less on: Bonus Track

I'm not a lot on the Internet so I didn't saw that but here are the results from last month:

Fb CoMet
So my students have all passed their examn, and I have to say I wasn't sure about that so that's a great surprise!
I'm not the one who did that as the design question(s) is about gaining 6 points over 80, but this is nice to know.
Bravo to all the teachers, all the administrative, and of course all the students (I have an even bigger think for the ones who were far away and had to surpass themselves to make it).

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