Return of the Peddler

5 years ago I've been working for the promotion of the Beaufort cheese... which celebrates this year the 50 years of its protected name! For this occasion they wanted to make more events, 50 all over the year, and they choose to restart with one of the people having worked with them in this operation. My schedule was kind of free so I candidated and I've been chosen (to be fair I was the only one from the past summers to be able to make my time free).

So here I go again through mountains and cows (that's a nice joke in French, that's doesn't work at all in English) with 2 missions.


Remember 2017

May it be funny that I'm making this retrospectiv for the second consecutive year... that means I started to show my main projects of the year since I have no more projects as a freelancer main activity!
How logic I am!

My main job is now to organize a soccer contest for a small associative club (less than 170 members) so of course there is a poster for this competition (why am I starting by the end of the year??):

And for the same club there are a lot of communication products (performing their website, intern communication posters, presentation, cases) including the new year wishes:

A few before was the poster for a caritative concert:

And a few months ago was the one for my concert band:
I like this one, and not because I'm on it...
More than the poster were the videos from this concert, not a Hollywood movie but still a lot of time on it.

Aaaand even earlier was the management of the communication for the band fest Les Fanfaronnades, plus a few creations (schedule, videos...) including the adaptation of the fest poster (artwork by Siobhan Gately) to create the poster for the volunteers night:

A lot of colors in this year, aren't they?


If I Were A Designer: All-Terrains Bugatti

A long time ago I've published on a website my vision for a Bugatti Veyron AWD

 Nothing to see here, it was just to forget a bad day at work.
This creation has never had any mediatic exposure, and it didn't deserve any of it, and now I fell sad to see the same kind of  stupidity published on a design website reference:

Okay, sure he made more work than me on this, and it should not be a shame to see it on a blog about cars, but not on a design website.
Here is my ephemeris for the end of the year!


MacGyver 2016

I recently "discovered" 2 TV shows: Blindspot and MacGyver.
I do know they are not all-new but I think I like to take a marathon-like with a whole season in 2 weeks without waiting for the new episode.

The first one is about a woman who is found without any memory but with tattos from head to feet, and she's helping the F.B.I. to resolve the cases provocated by the tattos. So they save a lot of people. While doing this she refind a few memories step by step and in fact she's a former Navy Seal, who made a conspiracy against the US government with her adoptive mother and her brother, including the part when her memories are erased to be infiltrated in the F.B.I..

Okay, you know that will not be an intellectual show. But there is a kind of cohesion, and the permanent deus ex machina is also coherent with her past life.

In the second show, maybe I'm nostalgic and I had a bad idea before to see it?
I remember than the original show had some things too easy, but that was in the mood of the TV shows of the time. For example MacGyver was locked in a technical room with a lot of chemical products allowing him to make an small explosion to go out, a globaly non-violence heroe, who was locked in here by chance.


Le cycliste

I'm proud to move in the city as a walker as a cyclist as a car driver AND as a public transportation user.
No, I'm not usin skateboard rollers or gyrostatics because of security, no more with a motorbike as I don't have any.
So I can easily see the risks and errors by every user of the public space, regardeless of their vehicule.

The Swiss National Insurance is a YouTuber! With videos about security, mainly at work, and here is one about going to work while biking:

Sorry, there is no english one. But there is a german version and an italian one!

The end is good:
"biker: 10 minutes of biking to go to work, you know it's not death...
voice off: Death on the other hand is to ride like an idiot on a bike. In almost half of the accidents involving bicycles, cyclists are at fault."

I agree with this portrait, even if for years I'm really less in speed while biking in donwtonw. Sometimes I see myself in a position that could lead to an accident, like in the video when the bike needs to avoid a car which didn't saw him.

That reminds me of a rule that should be taught to everyone for everything.
How many kinds of priority do you know on the road?
In fact, there are only two: the one you must respect, and the one which must respects you.
The first one is an obligation when the second is only optional.

And that's so sad to lose your life by going to "gain it".


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