#estafette Racing Assistance

Next week is the Monte-Carlo WRC Rallye, a good time to tell you about ralllyes!

The Estafette never raced but it has been on every race to help the world champions (and european champions and a lot of national champions).
Its was there for the winning Alpine, Renault 8, 12, 17 and soon as it was the middle van of Renault.

I like this one because of these long lights directly inside the body shape!

Another Estafette will come for Alpine cars when AlpineLAB (a german special restorator) found an Estafette I liked to take the road with his renewed cars:

This time there is no added long lights, no more when someone claim to have a mythic race assistance (but in fact he just painted it to lookalike).


Electrical #estafette

I'm not sure Renault ever thought about an electric Estafette but I did! I kept one just to make it electrical.

Well, well, well, that was 20 years ago, its still under a small roof without protection so even if one day I find time, energy and a place to do it, I'm not sure there will still be something to save...

My idea has always been to transform it into elec. Firstly thinking on a generator replacing the power engine, the best would be to use the mechanic from a viable platform from a mainstream carmaker, I though to use a Clio, then a Kangoo, now a Zoé (with batteries in the floor, I have a large floor so I would have more autonomy!).

And of course, the interior could be modernized too:

With a head viewer in the place of the cendar!

May I be dreaming, I'm pretty sure the reality will be more crual. I didn't lost hope to make it one day...


60th anniversary of Estafette

Estafette is a middle range utilitarian van made by Renault in 1959, so this year we will celebrate its 60th anniversary.
That's a van I love since I was a small kid, so it's a long time ago!
Maybe because of its round shape, all sweet and a bit discret compared to its competitors VW Type 3 or Citroën HY.
I will not write all of its story but I do want to celebrate so I will publish 60 extraordinary Estafette. Some I really like, differents, prototypes, one-shot or mass produced.

This will be on this blog.

A suivre sur ce blog.

A lot of the pictures I will publish here have been found on the web during years, so if you recognize one of your pictures or your vehicule, and you would like me to quit this picture or to link my article to your web site please write me, I will correct as soon as possible.


Gianadda - Revenge

Gianadda fundation has a permanent exhibition about the antic Roman city here a long time ago. You can see a roman road and the ruins from an arena.

Eclectic and really interesting to see.

Also a mini-car-musuem:

Of course you didn't knew but the creator of explosion power engine was from Switzerland. Brands I didn't knew, nice models, a Peugeot Bébé [litterally Baby] that you can see was really small comparated to cars from its time...

Around the building the park is dedicated to sculptures so you can ask yourself ''What is Art ?''.
From Rodin, Calder, Arman, César, Nikki de Saint-Phalle, a Michelin's Batman...

And a Bourdelle from 1898 so you can see how much the quality in the patterns was yet not a clue more than one century ago!


Soulages Retrospective @ Gianadda Fundation

Travelling through Switzerland I've been attracted by a retrospective around Soulages art in Gianadda Fundation in Martigny.

Let's be honest, I've been disappointed.
I was hoping to discover, to see much more. First, as the exhibition tell, he created furnitures and we see no one here. People in my age should know his giant pieces covering an entire museum and I thaught that there would be at least two of them confronting in a big space, just to say ''he made this kind of stuff, that's important, here they are''. Nope. The biggest one was 2m height.

I'm pretty sure that someone ion love with this artist before seeing this have appreciated, because we can see a few steps in his evolution.

Not enough definited, maybe not enough valorized?
I'm sad because I drove very much a lot, and I paid the plain price. I would have regrets not to see it, but I'm disappointed by what I saw (and by what I didn't saw). And that's not the first time I'm felling like that this year...

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