I've been obese for a long time, I am not any more.

3 years ago my back was totally blocked: cervical, dorsal, lumbago (in the both senses) I've been to see an ostheopatic.

The best way to fight against the lumabo pain was to walk half an hour EVERY DAY.
That went better for my back, also for my weight and my feeling, I was losing 6 pounds a month just by walking!
I walked until I was no longer an obese and I went to stabilize myself under my "obesity weight". So I wanted to do more, to felle better, and I've searched on the Internet, I tried a few "beginners schedules" and I have to say that my definition of a beginner is not the same than the profesional sportpeople's! So I decided to do my own fitness programs.

Then I thought that these could help other people so this Januray I started to share my exercices, food habits, experiments about losing weight and gaining good feelings on a Youtube channel

My first videos were about getting out of obesity and today starts my "real" fitness program for overweighted people.
I'm not a coach, nor a nutritionist, here are some advices I've found, the ones I tried, the ones I have thoughts about.

Here I start a every-day-challenge on 2 monthes, which is noit easy when you are not a sport addict. Will we play in the next Avengers at the end? Of course not, firstly because it will be in theaters before we end this, secondly because the goal of this program is to recreate energy and force in the muscles to feel better (and maybe to start a real fitness program to gain muscles, we will see what we have done on the 20th of June):

Of course every comment, like, share, subscribe on this Youtube page will be a support to help me motivate myself in making videos... which helps motivate myself to do sport!
So please comment, like, share and subscribe 🍆!



There are some Estafette I can't forget, and for Easter egg here comes a shorted Estafette (the handling should not be better with that):

It even has a Facebook page!


#Estafette Clown

There should have been a lot of Estafette on the roads with circus. Of course in France the Pinder circus had several model cast so that's the most famous.

But this one is smarter, isn't it?


#Estafette to Rent

The print van is not the top for the hipster.
The top is the truck experience!

So in Spain you can rent an Estafette for a pop-up shop, a comunication event, a one time food truck...

Or, if it's too complicated, you can rent an Estafette (shown as a mobile grocery but without the lateral etale??) for a movie:


#Estafette Print Van

Of course, after the food trucks, the beauty trucks, here comes the shopping truck, here is a print truck.

That's a mobile pop-up shop, you aks a design they have, they screen it on maybe any textile you want.

That's a bit hipster but I like it!

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