Less on: Bonus Track

I'm not a lot on the Internet so I didn't saw that but here are the results from last month:

Fb CoMet
So my students have all passed their examn, and I have to say I wasn't sure about that so that's a great surprise!
I'm not the one who did that as the design question(s) is about gaining 6 points over 80, but this is nice to know.
Bravo to all the teachers, all the administrative, and of course all the students (I have an even bigger think for the ones who were far away and had to surpass themselves to make it).


Less-on #4

 That's my last delivery from my students before a long time as I don't teach anymore.
Some are easy like this one "the cost to buy it is a cost". Yes, I could'nt say better.

Some of them are really funny, while working about seasonal foods: "treks loose their leaves" (well, the original version is an error from arbres [trees] and arabes [arabs] but that's a fault on the order of the letters not on the word):

(well, the french version could be dys-understood, I assure there is no racism in here)

One more time, I'm not joking on the people, but on these small lights of sun they let me see in the fog of the corrections. Some are at an unexpected level for this degree (I was teachnig in a 2 years degree in social help, so the design is about 6 points in their exam):

Even sometimes I learn things! For example the national Health Plan advises to consume things at theit natural production period. I do understand it when it's about something that grows (fruits, vegetables, tubers...). But where is the point when you speak about cheeses (some of them could stay 5 to 36 months in a ripening cellar depending on how strong you want it):

 I'm working for the Beaufort cheese this year, and I don't even understand which season they choose!
In April the cows are still inside eating hay, the summer season of the cheese starts with June, so why eat the one in April? In a shop you can find all over the year this cheese from summer milk AND this from winter milk, more or less strong when you come to buy it.
That's not an historical season as in some parts of the region of production they were given the cows to a common mountain during the summer, so they had enough milk to make this big cheese, and they were keeping the cows at home during the wintertime, producing small cheese and butter to sell at the city. In other parts that was the opposite, they were a lot in the village during winter so they could produce big cheeses and they were each family in a different mountain during the summertime so each one was making its small cheese.

The Beaufort Cheese and the Comté Cheese are pretty similar, let's say cousins. And there is a kind of alternativity. Is it a choice in the sheet to make no one jalous?
And what about Aligot? That's a cooking with cheese, potatoes, garlics!


Return of the Peddler

5 years ago I've been working for the promotion of the Beaufort cheese... which celebrates this year the 50 years of its protected name! For this occasion they wanted to make more events, 50 all over the year, and they choose to restart with one of the people having worked with them in this operation. My schedule was kind of free so I candidated and I've been chosen (to be fair I was the only one from the past summers to be able to make my time free).

So here I go again through mountains and cows (that's a nice joke in French, that's doesn't work at all in English) with 2 missions.

Firstly to animate meeting with producers and consumers. Mainly by visiting farms and going in nature to speak with producer about their daily job.

The most important is to take photo of every person working for this cheese. Mostly the producers, there are more than 400 farms so there is a lot of people to see! And that's so much fun! Because that's a nice way to meet people and discover how they live. Even more as that allows me to see buildings I could never saw! There are the all-new farms with big spaces and facilities:

and the opposite with very old farm where everything is handmade, from taking the shit away from the inside to... taking the milk from the caw!

The oldest one I've seen, still in use and mostly in its original form, is from 1618!!

Other ones are in a old house, even in the former village school:

I'm one of the very few to see all that jazz, I'm a very happy few!


Remember 2017

May it be funny that I'm making this retrospectiv for the second consecutive year... that means I started to show my main projects of the year since I have no more projects as a freelancer main activity!
How logic I am!

My main job is now to organize a soccer contest for a small associative club (less than 170 members) so of course there is a poster for this competition (why am I starting by the end of the year??):

And for the same club there are a lot of communication products (performing their website, intern communication posters, presentation, cases) including the new year wishes:

A few before was the poster for a caritative concert:

And a few months ago was the one for my concert band:
I like this one, and not because I'm on it...
More than the poster were the videos from this concert, not a Hollywood movie but still a lot of time on it.

Aaaand even earlier was the management of the communication for the band fest Les Fanfaronnades, plus a few creations (schedule, videos...) including the adaptation of the fest poster (artwork by Siobhan Gately) to create the poster for the volunteers night:

A lot of colors in this year, aren't they?


If I Were A Designer: All-Terrains Bugatti

A long time ago I've published on a website my vision for a Bugatti Veyron AWD

 Nothing to see here, it was just to forget a bad day at work.
This creation has never had any mediatic exposure, and it didn't deserve any of it, and now I fell sad to see the same kind of  stupidity published on a design website reference:

Okay, sure he made more work than me on this, and it should not be a shame to see it on a blog about cars, but not on a design website.
Here is my ephemeris for the end of the year!

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