Urban Designer

Since October 2007 I've done missions as provider either temporary employement for private companies, public authorities and semi-public establishments.
Here are some significant selected works:

2010/12-2011/11: CETE Ouest [ministerial road equipments technical center] - temporary employement
          _ I aid the Researcher in developing investigations about accidents by improving the understanding of analytical stools;
          _ I participate in experimentation and questionnaries.

2010/01-2010/04: Cité du Design de Saint-Etienne [public establishment for cultural cooperation] - designer
          _ I aid the scientific adviser for the Laboratory of Uses and Innovative Practices (LUPI);
          _ I organize logistics for the LUPI experimentation and for the surveys;
          _ I write the report of the LUPI experimentation.

2008/12-2009/02: AIC-International [mail-order selling] - designer
          _ I organize the data architecture for the launch of new products.

2008/07-2008/10: City of Cholet [local authority] - urban and architectural studies
          _ I develop a schedule for the urban furniture on the town territory;
          _ I create a collaboration for services working on the same theme.

2007/10-2008/05: Nantes Habitat [social housing] - internship
          _ I participate to analysis about non-attractiveness factors in a social housing district;
          _ I propose new solutions for space planning and urban design.

You can download ici.

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