Identity of Territories

Cities were born and have grown driven by strong spiritual and philosophical thoughts. They are now searching for identity to differentiate and recognize.

 A project is the symbol of the identity of a territory, it's the expression of the know-how, the teams, the people, the history and the dynamics. So comes a product (space, furniture, service, documents...) which is part of a 'brand' and it's relation with users.

Designers allows their products to make sens. Design process and tools applied to the city as a supplement to those of urban marketing allow cities to reveal themselves.
More than furnitures and ambients, design can express a new kind of intervention about public spaces planning and it can take care of the cities' imageability.

To requalify the space is one of the conditions for a better life. It's a strike for urban economical and social development. You can read an abstract from my memory for Master degree (in french) and to see its development on my specialized blog (in french).


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