What is my work ?
I'm designer, it has been my school my culture and my jobs. But where is the urban question ?

Design is about conceiving and developing solution for the needs of the society in which it operate.
Of course we are in an industrial society so we can see design only as a part of the mass production process. But there were objects before the industrial area, a long time before, and their formal qualities (functional, aesthetic, unity) as well. So design as development of every day objects is as old as the communities that gave birth to the city. We are not calling it design in that historical case but popular arts and traditions as we can see it in museums in all Europe.

We can heard more and more about 'urban design' and 'cities of design'. But in reality designers working on city (it's not about services or communication) are not enough. You can see their work when they draw a new 'urban furniture' but only as industrial good and without thinking on the strategical place this 'furniture' will be fixed.
We know that design helps industries to develop a strong strategic approach,  and I propose to do the same for the territories and local authorities!

What is different in my proposal ?
First because I've a 5 years degree in design [Nantes Atlantic School of Design] and I've passed a Master degree in urban planning [University of Nantes] so I'm really an urban designer (more strategical than operational).

Secondly because I've developped a strong thinking around the design in the cities, my Master degree memory was about the Product Identity of the City : How a local authority can improve these attractivity and services within its choices in urban planning.


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