Low poly images

This year I tried a few new apps for graphic design, just for fun. One of these is TriangulateImage7 by ConceptFarm. That's not the only free low poly app I tried but that's my favorite (so far ;) ).
There is an hipster mood with this kind of picturing as it's seems like the polygones in 3D models. FabLabs gave this aesthetics a way to democratize so you can see it more and more, for posters or just for nice pictures.

I started with a countryview, then a face, then other sources:

Of course you'll be more precise if you do all by yourself on Photoshop but it's sooo much faster that you'll accept this. And if you really want to do better, let's open it in Photoshop to draw more (or less) polygones, change colours...
I had so much fun that I finally used it for a first poster, soon finished, I will show it in here because that's really nice to try something new!

To be continued...

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