MacGyver 2016

I recently "discovered" 2 TV shows: Blindspot and MacGyver.
I do know they are not all-new but I think I like to take a marathon-like with a whole season in 2 weeks without waiting for the new episode.

The first one is about a woman who is found without any memory but with tattos from head to feet, and she's helping the F.B.I. to resolve the cases provocated by the tattos. So they save a lot of people. While doing this she refind a few memories step by step and in fact she's a former Navy Seal, who made a conspiracy against the US government with her adoptive mother and her brother, including the part when her memories are erased to be infiltrated in the F.B.I..

Okay, you know that will not be an intellectual show. But there is a kind of cohesion, and the permanent deus ex machina is also coherent with her past life.

In the second show, maybe I'm nostalgic and I had a bad idea before to see it?
I remember than the original show had some things too easy, but that was in the mood of the TV shows of the time. For example MacGyver was locked in a technical room with a lot of chemical products allowing him to make an small explosion to go out, a globaly non-violence heroe, who was locked in here by chance.

My problem wy the remake is that they went the easy way, fast and without money. So in the first episode the analyst is killed and NO ONE in her laboratory is able to decrypt her system... So logical yet... So they are going to see a hacker in jail and, hoooo it's magical she's able to make it in less than 2 minutes, she knows all about every secret surveillance system in the world, she knows how to unlock any device, she can read cyrillic (she doesn't understand it but she has an ultra-efficient instant translator on her laptop).

Al the show is like that: MacGyver is punching hard (weel, he's still against fire arm... well, he do explode people but that's nice he didn't shooted them) ; he lives in a very comfortable house on the hill top of Los Angeles (the best spot to develop a spy activity) ; his best friends DOES NOT KNOW his spy activity... even if he's speaking time to time about Mac and his team saving the world, like that, easy man ; they just have to tell a name to ear "wohoo, that was a top secret program form USSR" every one knows...
Well, it finishes not to be funny any more. We are in 2016 (when the show was made) and we'are still with explanations on every obvious things, may we be too idiots to understand.
Then the small things: is it so complicated to find an old russian SUV to illustrate russian and north-korean military? MacGyver is going directly in the technical room... just opening a door from a hotel kitchen and he's finding every thing he needs! He needs a precise mixture, he asks 2 ingredients to his co-worker and she has it directly without searching, except one he didn't asked, why didn't he asked? Because it's part of the medicine against hyper-tension and he knows than 1 of 3 people are suffering of hyper-tension and as he is in the deskroom of a CEO, a very stressful job, so he finds the medicine IN THE FIRST DRAWER HE OPENS!!!
I accept that a show is made with a little money but a production company should have a few money, hasn't it? Can't they make it less easy?

I'm happy to see a new Jack Dalton as a muscular military, while I was enjoying the fat Bruce McGill in the time. And why such a dfference of age between the 2 characters? Just to have jokes about his age? To represent all the publics? But this show is too much about violence and easy things, not enough about intelligence and tricks like the original one.
Too bad.


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