Le cycliste

I'm proud to move in the city as a walker as a cyclist as a car driver AND as a public transportation user.
No, I'm not usin skateboard rollers or gyrostatics because of security, no more with a motorbike as I don't have any.
So I can easily see the risks and errors by every user of the public space, regardeless of their vehicule.

The Swiss National Insurance is a YouTuber! With videos about security, mainly at work, and here is one about going to work while biking:

Sorry, there is no english one. But there is a german version and an italian one!

The end is good:
"biker: 10 minutes of biking to go to work, you know it's not death...
voice off: Death on the other hand is to ride like an idiot on a bike. In almost half of the accidents involving bicycles, cyclists are at fault."

I agree with this portrait, even if for years I'm really less in speed while biking in donwtonw. Sometimes I see myself in a position that could lead to an accident, like in the video when the bike needs to avoid a car which didn't saw him.

That reminds me of a rule that should be taught to everyone for everything.
How many kinds of priority do you know on the road?
In fact, there are only two: the one you must respect, and the one which must respects you.
The first one is an obligation when the second is only optional.

And that's so sad to lose your life by going to "gain it".


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