Remember 2017

May it be funny that I'm making this retrospectiv for the second consecutive year... that means I started to show my main projects of the year since I have no more projects as a freelancer main activity!
How logic I am!

My main job is now to organize a soccer contest for a small associative club (less than 170 members) so of course there is a poster for this competition (why am I starting by the end of the year??):

And for the same club there are a lot of communication products (performing their website, intern communication posters, presentation, cases) including the new year wishes:

A few before was the poster for a caritative concert:

And a few months ago was the one for my concert band:
I like this one, and not because I'm on it...
More than the poster were the videos from this concert, not a Hollywood movie but still a lot of time on it.

Aaaand even earlier was the management of the communication for the band fest Les Fanfaronnades, plus a few creations (schedule, videos...) including the adaptation of the fest poster (artwork by Siobhan Gately) to create the poster for the volunteers night:

A lot of colors in this year, aren't they?

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