Return of the Peddler

5 years ago I've been working for the promotion of the Beaufort cheese... which celebrates this year the 50 years of its protected name! For this occasion they wanted to make more events, 50 all over the year, and they choose to restart with one of the people having worked with them in this operation. My schedule was kind of free so I candidated and I've been chosen (to be fair I was the only one from the past summers to be able to make my time free).

So here I go again through mountains and cows (that's a nice joke in French, that's doesn't work at all in English) with 2 missions.

Firstly to animate meeting with producers and consumers. Mainly by visiting farms and going in nature to speak with producer about their daily job.

The most important is to take photo of every person working for this cheese. Mostly the producers, there are more than 400 farms so there is a lot of people to see! And that's so much fun! Because that's a nice way to meet people and discover how they live. Even more as that allows me to see buildings I could never saw! There are the all-new farms with big spaces and facilities:

and the opposite with very old farm where everything is handmade, from taking the shit away from the inside to... taking the milk from the caw!

The oldest one I've seen, still in use and mostly in its original form, is from 1618!!

Other ones are in a old house, even in the former village school:

I'm one of the very few to see all that jazz, I'm a very happy few!

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